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Running Pony on Antique Royal Adult T Shirt
Tewa Tees Continuous Fuschia Table Cloth

Ash Running Pony Sweatshirt
Ash Running Pony Sweatshirt
Ash Running Pony Sweatshirt
Item#: AshRunPonySweat
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Product Description
8.1 oz. 50/50 Fleece Crew Style Sweatshirt

HORSES: It is assumed that the horse was introduced to the Native People of the Southwest and Central Plains by the Spanish Conquistador explorers. As the Big Dog (Horse) came into their lives, the Plains Indians were transformed from plodding followers of the buffalo into a people concerned with breeding, daily care and protection of the large herd of domesticated horses. With the horse came new values, a new standard of living. Families began to measure their wealth in horses.