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Turquoise Zuni Deer Full Length Apron
Turquoise Zuni Deer Full Length Apron
Turquoise Zuni Deer Full Length Apron
Item#: TurqZuniDeerLongApron
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Product Description
Made of an easy to wash and wear 7.5 oz. Poly/Cotton twill fabric. Apron is full sized at 34L x 23W, featuring two pockets at waist level as well as an adjustable neck back.

ANIMAL FRIENDS - All Animals being part of nature have an important role in the balance of American Indian life. From the smallest insect to the mighty Buffalo, they all receive the same respect. Turtles symbolize new life, the bear a symbol of strength; the rabbit for swiftness, the deer is gentleness, birds to induce rain, butterflies mean happiness, the fish represent the water creatures of the earth and the cougar cat is as unpredictable as the seasons. Animals are often honored in the forms of artwork on pottery; in ceremonial dances and as little good luck charms called fetishes.